Communication or Commotion.

Living with a SO or anyone in particular is all about the communication. It is always communicate or live in a constant commotion.

I know the sentence structure is rather weird, but heck. My family is weird. Not once can one single person communicate properly with the other. It is as if I am constantly living in a fish market where everyone is bargaining to reach the cheapest price of fish/pork/chicken. However, in my family, no one emerges with a good deal. Sometimes we end up in a barroom brawl.

It is rather laughable seeing how a FAMILY is all about cohesiveness, love, and growing old together. But then when you look at the Oxford definition of a family – (noun) a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit. So in this aspect, yea, then what I have is considered a family.

In my family, we have something that can be plotted like a graph, or a cycle if you must. However, this cycle is never regular. Rather like an irregular menstruation cycle; so much so that when the “bloody” day hits, the “cramps” hurt worse than getting kicked in the nuts. If my family enters a screaming match, I think we definitely would take first place. Sadly, the fight is usually occurring among ourselves.

This is where I talk about communication. You see, my family ain’t that big on communicating their feelings. Incidents where we brushed each other off to focus on our own feelings happen more often than going to buy a lottery ticket. We’re so big on focusing on ourselves that understanding someone else’s pain is a foreign concept. Oh did I mention that my family likes to dwell in the past? Imagine using the past as a weapon. It’s pretty much as using someone’s criminal record against them when they are job hunting. And that criminal record is usually something small like stealing to feed the hunger. Because we don’t communicate, therefore we create commotion.

And when we DO communicate, it’s usually rainbows, butterflies, a field of wildflowers and the blue blue sky. So it makes me wonder WHY does my family not want to communicate? Or rather, why does the communication always sound like an (I am going to stereotype here) Asian fish market?

Is it in-built as humans to lack communication? Animals can communicate rather well especially when they cannot speak; so why is it that humans skew towards commotion?