3 days in.

2015 was welcomed with the company of my dearest friends and sister, playing a childhood game of Monopoly. No counting down of seconds to watch the clock change from 2359 to 0000h or the date change from 31decemeber2014 to 01january2015. Just the laughter at the silliness of the game, the child-like antics of everyone, the reminders to throw the dice, the child-like atmosphere of “barter-trading” for complete colour set of title deeds.

It was my favourite count-down by far. Not once did I feel empty inside. And somehow I guess that mood kinda set the start of how this year might turn out. I really hated 2014. It felt tense, stressful, as if I couldn’t find my way through the haze of “rushing-ness”. Disappointments plagued the majority of the year with dogs being sick, experiments failing and neighbours being dicks. Of course there were good times, but the aftermath of those times somehow turned out negative.

I don’t know if this sudden feeling of “spring” within is going to last through the year, but I don’t want to focus on the unknown any longer. This year, I aim to embark on certain personal projects to better myself – learning a new language, being more proactive in taking breaks, learning how to compartmentalize, spend some time doing things for myself for a change…

On an impulse, on the last day of 2014 (even then, issues had happened to dampen the mood), I bought a pink tourmaline bracelet to somehow aid in dissipating the stress I had, have and might receive. So far, since I worn it, I felt slightly more in control of myself and how I feel or act in times of stress. I am really hoping that the feeling of low and self-doubt will never return. And I know it is somewhat ridiculous that a crystal might be so effective just 4 days of wearing. But, I really like how I am feeling these days. I hope that this could help me through my work stress as well.

2015, I think you would kick ass and bring sass this year. I look forward to the adventures you will be bringing me.