Is it going to stay?

Just 24 hours after previous day’s scribbles and somehow am feeling slightly better? Or is it an illusion? Managed to crack some small jokes but maybe in slightly sarcastic tone? Either way, today I have yet to feel like the weight on my shoulders pulling me down into the ground. Been using Mt. Sapola’s lemongrass essential oil (aromatherapy) which I am using to ward of the hordes of mosquitoes for the past 24 hours. Wondering if this is making me feel less clouded. However, I am still viewing at things in slightly negative light. I just hope that slowly I would be in a better state to welcome the new year.

It kinda stinks having to end 2014 in this current mental state.

P.S: Please let there be no more disasters. Praying for the passengers on board the AirAsia plane. Pray there be no more accidents, no more wars and conflicts.


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