Easily irritable

The weekend before the week was not at all dull nor stressful, yet somehow the moment I entered the office for the morning’s discussion, I ended up getting all riled up and having the greatest urge to just walk out of the office for the entire day. Well, it’s not that I am not allowed to since I am technically on leave today. But rather I cannot because I have WORK to do.

Yea I know right, what frame of mind was I in when I decided to apply for leave and yet still have work to do?! Trust me when I say I have no idea at all. -_-‘”

It’s such a pain. I wonder when I can truly put down the work at hand and just stay at home for a continuous stretch of a few days so that I can clear my mind or something. With only 15 days left, I really don’t want the year to end on such an irritable mood. Urgh.

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