Small mistake, big consequence

In the field of research, each experiment has to be designed almost perfectly. Every timepoint, every treatment or manipulation has to be done in a way that we could compare the observations seen among each group.

Which is why I am beating myself up right now because I made a small yet potentially detrimental mistake. I had a set of samples to collect on Day 5 and Day 8. While I had happily collected Day 5 on the 30th, I somehow managed to count the days wrongly and ended up collecting the Day 8 samples on the 1st which is by-right Day 7! And the best part! I only realised it today (the 5th at 10pm!) which means that anything I needed to do to restart the experiment would be delayed another day.

And now here is to hoping that the pending booking schedule of the facilities to process the samples would allow me to have sufficient time to collect a fresh batch. -_-”’ SO MANY UNKNOWNS!! (T_T)