Not so simple…

I am always inspired by the stories people shared; getting into a new perspective of love and life. Yet, somehow I am never able to pen down my thoughts or rather never able to have that patience to pen down the thoughts into visible words.

I recently read a post by Philip (Wong Fu Productions). He talked about the 5 types of love (Who/What/When/Where/Why) in the short and how he had missed out the “How”. I daresay, even love/relationship experts cannot tell us how to love someone so that we could both make it into the” forever after”. We could probably use their suggestions to help ease the relationship along, but ultimately if their suggestions work, everyone would be with their firsts till the end of time.

We could very well do the little things to big gestures, but to some it might not be enough to keep them permanently interested. We could cater to every whims of theirs and it still would not be enough. How to love someone, is a process, an evolving process which (occasionally) makes us feel very very small and helpless. The process to love someone is just too complicated to put into simple words. It seems to comprise of many different stories from different people of different backgrounds.

No. How to love is never as straightforward as the 5 W’s of love. It is human. It is a living process.

P.S. I wonder if a mathematician would be able to draw parallels or write equations of love like how their do for Drake Equation or Bayes’ theorem to measure some form of life’s probability.

P.P.S: I apologise for the abrupt thinking process. I guess I have very little patience for writing, let alone putting my thoughts into words.


Shedding it off or just stockpiling?

When I first decided to get into the PhD programme, I was thinking more for the extra cash which I would “save” from not getting CPF deductions or paying yearly income tax. But now I kinda regretting this decision of mine. Things that have started going haywire more often than usual; yet the times I needed to recuperate from these setbacks don’t happen any easier. So much so, I am getting easily agitated from the little bumps and even after the bumps had been straightened out, I am still feeling like I should have done better.

This isn’t what I hope to end my year with; I only wish there is a better way I can channel such negative energy and turn it into something positive.